Curators, Musiclovers, DJs, Promoter, Blogger, Influencers, Radiostations, Marketers, Artists, Musicians, and Producers are on the line to set your growth .

In a big worldwide Network you always be heard

What we do and how we engage your fans and increase your audience

You book a Campaing and we share your music with our huge network of bloggers, influencers, audience, customers and playlistcurators.

We create a widgetpromotion running on our websites and be shared in google, instagram, youtube, twitter and more. This is all up to which campaing you booked.

We engage new fans and listeners with our direct push promotion.

We use active mailings and reaching out to Radiostations, and run also Banneradvertisement on popular musicwebsites.

Your song/music will be added to several of our own playlists, aswell will be pitched to over 1000 other Playlistcurators.

You will increase your audience and streams.

We reach more than 30 Million Users and listeners world wide with our individual Campaign XXXL.

You will receive documentation, Stats of our works, and Stats of your growth.

Example small campaign: The Customer has just released his music Feb. 2021. Achievment within 15 Days from the scratch with us to more engaged Fans, Followers and Audience.

Grow with us! Book your first Camapaign!

Or make the ultimative DEAL receive your 1 YEAR add!

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