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Why work with us

We are using no bots, only organic listeners, follower and customers. We are a legit agency for music promotion. We promote your music and Artistprofile world wide and our Playlists are well promoted. We share our Lists and Music with audience on MusicHubs, MusicBlogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Deezer, Apple, and more musicplatforms, agencies and the music industry. We work with, and pitch your music to over 50000 active Curators and Tastemakers, as well 500k listeners from all over the world. For our Promotion we use different music hubs, Radiostations, E-Mailings, Widgetpromotion, playlist pitch, and other possibilities of sharing music to the industry

Our playlists are on APPLE, DEEZER, NAPSTER, TIDAL SPOTIFY, YOUTUBE, YOUTUBE MUSIC (GOOGLE MUSIC) make sure you uploaded your music there, before booking. In case your Song is not shown on one of the playlists: you may not uploaded there, may not booked this service, or your song has been taken down by you, the streaming service or by your distributor. Missing music on Napster can be: „too soundalike/coversongs“. Or our lists have not been synchronized yet. We sync our lists thursday/friday.


By using the service of ours/us Soundcafe.tk, soundbarrista.tk, soundbarrista.com, soundbarrista.wordpress.com, Germany, you are agree with: (all following)

Transmitting personal Data, receive E-Mails for setting up your bookings, we share received SongLinks to our Partners and Offices we work with.

With a booking you are agree with your payment via paypal, creditcard or banktransfer. This send Data will be only for our eyes and will be treated carefully and safe. After you place a booking you receive an e-Mail with the confirmation of incoming booking and payment , so make sure your e-mail adress is active and existing. Please respond the e-Mail with ordernumber, ISRC Code of Song, Songlink (Spotify), Coverart as JPG or PNG as attachement and a link of your Artistprofile. As well with a short discription of you, where you come from, your music and ambitions. Our service will start within 5 days after receiving all informations we need. Make sure you provided your song also for Germany.

In case of radiostations need a Song-file, we will notify you about this by e-mail.

With a booked service you will receive what you booked.

Playlistadd: you receive the add you booked on our Playlist where it really fits the genre. Playlist VACCINE 2020 & SOUNDCAFÉ SELECTION 2021 we DO NOT ACCEPT: „Schlager“, „Volksmusik“, „GangstaRap“, „Punk“ ,“Trashmetal“. You are agree with your song can stick longer in our lists than you booked.

Widget/PreSaveLinks/Landingpagelinks: will be created and shared with you if you booked this service. You can order these links and the hit stats/target stats for an extra fee in case it is not included your booking. Just reach out on us via e-mail.

Streams : there is no exactly number of streams we can provide, cause this all depends on how much listeners do like your music. Playlistadds can receive upto 30k streams and more, depends on how long your song is added, and which service you exactly booked. Make sure you follow the lists your song has been added to and share with your friends, fans, audience and followers on your homepage and socialmedia, to help increase streams, listeners and followers.

Listeners/Followers: Our playlists are all promoted, we work hard on to mix the music to collect as much audience as possible. So it is possible to reach upto 100k listeners in a 60 day duration. But at least it all belongs to taste of music. Make sure you follow the lists your song has been added to and share with your friends, fans, audience and followers on your homepage and socialmedia, to help increase streams, listeners and followers

Campaignes: during the Campaigns we push your song also to other Playlistcurators and Tastemakers. We offer your Song to Radiostations we work with, other MusicHubs, MusicBlogs, Influencer, and share it with the musicindustry. So you may receive more playlistadds, Followers and Streams than booked.

Stats: we send you weekly status informations and stats of playlistadds and campaignes, via e-mail , as long they have been transmitted to us, as CSV or other files. Make sure your e-Mail account accepts attachements. Notice: exact streams of your Song or our PlayLists can not be transmitted. For Spotify you get your stats on artists.spotify.com, for DEEZER stats use backstage.deezer.com, for APPLE Music stats use artists.apple.com.

Support: reach out on us via e-mail, let us know the reason for contacting us, with ordernumber artistname and song/or artistlink. We answer your questions within 72h and are in the Office for you Monday till Friday.

Refund: In case our work, playlisting, linksharing, link creating etc. , already started, your paid amount can not be refunded. In case you send wrong songlink, artistlink, coverart reach out on us to receive a correction.

Storno/cancel a Booking: you can cancel a booking within 72h after booking, but we take a Service fee 20% of the amount. (Creditcard/paypal/banktransfer/Stripe)

Notice: In case some of your personal contact or payment Data, is not correct or existence we do serve the right to conclude you from receiving any service.

Disclaimer of liability

We are only liable for by us willfully caused damage.

legal court: Germany Amtsgericht Mannheim

Tax: nach Paragraph 19 Ust. Gesetz (none)

Any further questions? Please send them via the contact formular.


Del-Ma | Zehntstr. 53 | 68169 MA | DE | TeamDelMaAtgmail.com

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